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First day of new filming

Wow, an amazing wow...
I guess it's a new year and it's a new us, what an amazing day.

I'll start with the bad since it is a short list;

I still can't get all six pirates in one place, and we still have a long road to go.
Also my repairs to my sword didn't exactly take... doesn't bode well for Tom's sword either so I should re-enforce that. As far as my sword goes, I think I'll have to get a new one. I found it on froogle for about a hundred bucks so I suppose that's gonna be put into the film budget. On top of that, I think I may soon need a new external harddrive, the Laci drive is filling up fast. I can maybe delete some of the footage that's not gonna be used at all maybe...

Anyways that was the bad here's the good;
Saturday, went down to the green screen got it all set up and prepared for Sunday, got a list of problems, and figured out ways to fix them

Sunday, we got Ben, Kim, Alice and me which I expected then Nate shows up, I got five pirates! we took about 3 hours to set up, drink goof around get some food and get dressed. Hell I was having so much fun I almost didn't actually wanna film.

But then we started filming. We spent from about 3 pm to 8:30-9 filming, and it was amazing. Started off with the Hazy introduction scene. I had given Ben notes about his performance prior to the winter break and he really took it to heart, I told him to push it, and he really just went all out, I think the copius amount of rum he'd begun drinking even before we picked him up helped. He gave me a few takes normal and then we just improved his stuff for about 20 minutes, it was funny it was amazing and it totally set the tone for the rest of the day. Everyone else wanted to hit as much of a stride as Ben did, and wanted to be as funny as him, so they all pushed their performance as far as they could go. Even the people who at the beginning I'd thought might need a bit more work to act ofr the camera were just hands down giving me the most amazing stuff.

In addition ot that they were helpful and easy to work with, no one complained that it was too cold, or they didn't want to do something If I asked them to try something they were more then happy to, they asked me for ideas on the performance, I won't say they respected me as a director cause the second I do they'll stop but it made the whole day so much easier. It made me feel more comfortable in the job, and in asking people to try something again to get it just right.
Oh and the craziest thing happened, we were mostly on time! We ended up being half an hour late, but hey, picking people up half an hour later then we said, and getting to the set half an hour later and getting done half an hour later and getting everyone home half an hour later is not that bad a deal. We mostly got done on time, and we got everything I wanted to get done done. If the footage turns out as good as the day was we're going to have such a good sequence.

Added to that, I sent out the e-mail and script to the suggested person to compose orignal music for this whole shabang and she sent back that she loved the script and she'd love to compose it. Lord knows she'll probably have enough time at the rate I'm going but I'm super excited,

It's been a good day.
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