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Tea for My Uncle Book 1, Chapter 1.

Here we go, first game session recap, it's a long post, but that's mostly because my computer and I had an argument when I tried to put in cut text. In short, I told it to do something with the very limited amount of HTML I know off the top of my head. It told me every thing worked how it should in the HTML thing, and the preview, and the Rich Text, and then when I posted it it ignored all of those things and posted it wrong.
So I went and looked up the HTML code, and turns out I was right, and yet computer still uncoperative, so my computer can suck it, and just post long live journal recaps.

All that legal stuff applies, I don't own this, and I'm not trying to make money off of it.


In Ancient days, the four Nations lived in harmony. Then the Fire Nation made it's war. Wiping out the Air Nomads, and subjugating the rest of the world. Everyone said the only way for peace to be restored would be by the Avatar, master of all four elements.
After a hundred years of waiting he finally did. It's been One year since the defeat of Fire Lord Ozai, and the end of the war. The old scars are healing, and peace, however fragile has begun to blossom amongst the people. But there are mysteries now, and people searching for answers. There are some who can't let go of the feelings they've had for their entire life, and there is a dark cloud on the horizon that threatens everything the Avatar and his friends worked to build.
But with so many occupied, this new danger could go unnoticed. It is time for new heroes to step up, and new stories to be told, no longer does destiny rest on the shoulders of one, instead all the nations must work together to defend the world we have created."

It has been one year since Avatar Aang defeated Fire Lord Ozai, and Fire Lord Zuko ended the Century long war. Wounds have healed, alliances made, and the world is a very different place then it once was. The Avatar, and Water bending Master Katara now live at the Southern Air Temple. They have been teaching a small group of like minded students in the hopes of bringing back the air nomads.
In the Water Tribes, The Southern Water tribe, with it's influx of returning soldiers, who bring friendly relations with the rest of the world, is growing in both status and power. The Nothern Water Tribe is a darker place, with their leader having lost his wife in the time since the end of the war, he clings to his both his isolationist stance, and his fleeting power.
And the Earth Kingdom, soldiers are returning home, and the Earth King (plus his bear) now rule, more wiser and more in touch with the people. In fact there seems to be a greater unity between the two mighty Earth Kingdom cities. With King Bumi often coming to discuss matters. Of course the biggest celebrity in the Earth Kingdom is Master Toph, the greatest Earth Bender in the world, who now travels the Earth Kingdom teaching and signing autographs. (Figure that one out.)
Though the war has ended, many still harbor angry feelings toward the Fire Nation, and in truth there are many in the Fire Nation who supported the war, and the choice to end it has proved an unpopular one. The Fire Nation faces a massive economic crisis with the dismantling of their army.
The best place for non-benders to learn the art of combat is now the school on Kyoshi Island, where students can learn from Master Sokka, or the Kyoshi Island Warriors themselves.

Into this slowly recovering world, something odd has popped up though. As the autumn leaves fall, sightings of Air Nomads have been reported all over the world, from Ba Sing Se, to Fire Nation Capitol there have been people apparently air bending. Masters even, wearing the clothes of the old monks of the Air Temples.

The Earth King has called for a Conference in Ba Sing Se, with delegates from each Nation coming to discuss what this could mean, and to select a group that  can be sent to investigate these sightings.

Book 1: Air

Chapter 1: A Gathering of Minds

So many people have come together, Earth King Kuei, King Bumi, obviously Avatar Aang, Master Toph, Master Katara, Master Sokka, Suki, Fire Lord Zuko, General Iroh (considered the unoffical ambassador of the Fire Nation) Master Pakku, Master Piandao, and many others have gathered around to meet, and talk.

However, at the table furthest from the important people, sit the students and younger allies of those masters. They are; Aangs only student to actually pull off any kind of airbending (even if it's only gusts); the 12 year old Chiyoko, the first female waterbender to come from the Northern Water tribe, 16 year old Nilak; as well as Chief Arnook's successor; Hahn. Former Dai Li agent and "student" of King Bum; 17 year old Xuán Wǔ Yán (called Yan for short), Bumi's granddaughter 16 year old Oma, a recently arrived student to Master Sokka on Kyoshi island; 16 year old Song, and finally a distant relation to the Fire Nation royal family (cousin of General Iroh); 17 year old Princess Sozu.

Their dinner conversation would be charitably described as awkward, that is until Hhan began... attempting to flirt with the Fire Nation Princess. This sparked insulting comments from Yan, backed by Nilak, and soon all of the teenagers were enjoying ribbing on the Water Tribe Prince. Eventually though, "Ambassador" Iroh appeared to offer the group tea and see how people are doing at the other end of the hall.
He suggested that those in power often worry about the big picture and the large elements, and they tend to forget about the those little things in life that can end up being the most important things... like his new jasmine tea.

Eventually the major players retired to a separate  room, to discuss the matter of the Air Nomads. As the exited, the doors burst open, and several men in Fire Nation military uniforms charged in. They are soundly and easily defeated by the highly skilled warriors present. Sozu informs the others that the men are from a group called "The Fire Society." She calls them a cult, who worship Fire Lord Ozai.
As they discuss the attack, the whole things seems rather suspicious. The younger charges begin to question how these men got inside, and why they would send such a small group of non benders to try and disrupt the conference.

Yan, Sozu, and Nilak question the Earth King's Guards, and are less then thrilled with the competence displayed. The guards tell them that they are bringing additional security to guard the conference, and the entrances. This will pull men from guarding the inner rooms, and basement, but no one is likely to get in from there. Song, and Chiyoko share stories while the others are occupied.

Yan and Choyoko head off to talk to one of the captured Fire Society soldiers. The man tells them that his life doesn't matter, soon the whole palace will go up in flames, and his death will help the Phoenix King to be reborn in glorious. fire. Chiyoko tries to reason with him, convince him that he's wrong, but he will have none of it. Sozu and Oma confer, and figure the best place to go in order to blow up the palace will be the basement. They all rush off to prevent the Palace's destruction, while Chiyoko rushes off and tells the guards to inform Master Aang of the impending attack.

The group of young heroes charge in to find several fire benders moving barrels of blasting jelly into place. They're being directed by men wearing the uniforms of Imperial fire benders, and accompanied by two former Yu Yen archers. A fierce battle erupts, as the heroes prevent the blasting jelly from being ignited, and fight the fire benders. It is a length battle. Yan draws their attention, as Song picks off the men moving the barrels. Oma moves to cover each barrel in rock and earth. Sozu and Nilak battle together to take down the benders and archers while they fire on Yan. Their victory seemed in danger, when the last two fire benders moved to ignite the last barrel, but Chiyoko appeared, having taken a seperate route. With her adrenline pumping, she fired a powerful gust of air that sent both men flying.

Soon the Avatar, and his friends arrived, to ensure that the Fire Society soldiers were taken into custody. With the commotion dying down, everyone returned to the party, and the council once again retired to private chambers. After another hour of waiting the council returned to the banquet chamber where they announced, that they would reward the heroes of the evening. Due to their cleverness, fast action and talent, the Council had decided, that these children from each of the four nations, would be the ones sent to find the truth about the Air Nomads.

Cheers were raised, the band struck up, foaming mouth guy, foamed and fell over. Everyone thought this idea was brilliant, except the small group of teenagers who realized they would be spending the next year or so together.

Chiyoko "Aang's only student to have pulled off Airbending"  - Alex 
Nilak "Pakku's first female student since Katara" -Victoria
Yan "Ex Dai Li agent, and protector of Princess Oma"- Tom
Princess Oma "Bumi's Granddaughter"- Crystal
Song "Student of the Kyoshi Island "School"- Andrew
Princess Sozu "2nd Cousin to Fire Lord Zuko" -Alice

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