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In Ancient days, the four Nations lived in harmony. Then the Fire Nation made it's war. Wiping out the Air Nomads, and subjugating the rest of the world. Everyone said the only way for peace to be restored would be by the Avatar, master of all four elements.
After a hundred years of waiting he finally did. It's been One year since the defeat of Fire Lord Ozai, and the end of the war. The old scars are healing, and peace, however fragile has begun to blossom amongst the people. But there are mysteries now, and people searching for answers. There are some who can't let go of the feelings they've had for their entire life, and there is a dark cloud on the horizon that threatens everything the Avatar and his friends worked to build.
But with so many occupied, this new danger could go unnoticed. It is time for new heroes to step up, and new stories to be told, no longer does destiny rest on the shoulders of one, instead all the nations must work together to defend the world we have created."

Previously, on Avatar: The Captured Fire Society Officer told them that the Fire Society would gather for the first time in their history, but they had not yet been told where the attack would fall. - Four women, dressed exactly like Ty Lee leapt from the nearby buildings. They launched rapid hand to hand combat attacks at the group. - Nilak, turned to incapacitate the last remaining attacker. she lashed out with her water whip, and the woman fell to the ground, dead. – The Omashu scouts told the party Three airships, and one of the naval ships have all vanished.

Book 1: Air

Chapter 6: The Secrets of Omashu

The session began with the Party gathered around a map. They examined it carefully, trying to figure out where Zeng’s attack might fall. Commander Quei offered them a small amount of help; a safe that had been kept in storage since the days of “New Ozai” that could only be opened by firebending. It was therefore a simple task for Sozu to open the safe, and get to its contents. Inside the party discovered numerous files, left by War Minister Qin, detailing a special project he’d been working on. He was using captive earthbenders to carve out a cave on the nearby peninsula. In addition to forcing the earthbenders to slave away, Qin also had the badgermoles on the peninsula burnt and used as food for the slaves. All of this greatly angered Oma, though while many of ther others were disgusted, none of them seemed to take it quite so personally.

The files revealed that Qin was turning the cave into a hidden yard for modifying airships and naval vessels. Eventually, Qin was called away to help with prep work on the day of Black Sun, and a young commander named Zeng was put in charge by Azula.

With this further information, the Party examined the map again, and Sozu, checking off the clues they have, suddenly had a realization. Zeng wishes to fulfill Sozin’s dream. He has been focusing on air power in preparation for his attack, and has gathered all of his men in a location where the only feasible direction to go is south. Sozu realized, Zeng is going to attack the Southern Air Temple, and try to kill the Avatar.

The party discussed this possibility, with the notion that the Avatar could not defeat 1500 men, certainly not when attacked by surprise, and not when he is also trying to protect his students.

Song became curious, and asked how many airships it would take to get a battleship air-born. After some calculating, it was determined it would take two airships, along with the engines of a third to get a Fire Nation battleship to fly. It was at this point that most of the group realized that three airships, and one battleship had gone missing just outside the cave hiding a shipyard that could modify airships and navy ships. This drew Yan to the conclusion that Zeng planned to drop a battleship on the Southern Air Temple. The rest of the group quietly opted not to bring that up again.

Another discussion determined that messenger hawks could easily be shot down, and that the group would have to go themselves. Nilak became insistant that Aang be warned immediately, and encouraged the party to leave to tell him. In fact she suggested they should have left well before now.

Before leaving, Oma went to speak to Bumi and inform him of what they’d determined. The rest of the group spoke to Commander Quei, and tried to make arrangements should they be wrong. After a brief discussion, Quei agreed to take his troops and deal with the Fire Society on the beach. If they failed to stop them there, the combined Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation armies will head to the Southern Air Temple.

At that point, a young soldier ran in, informing Commander Quei that the Fire Society was attacking. The Party believed it to be a distraction, and wanted to leave instead. But checking it out, it seemed odd. There were no fire benders, or troops. Since the attack was occurring near the Death Trap, the Party decided to go check it out. Yan chose to drag the officer who reported the attack, in case it turned out to be a trick. This did not sit well with Commander Quei.

When the Party arrived, they saw a group of Skydancers, who were finishing off the last of the Omashu soldiers. The Party still felt this was a distraction, and insisted on leaving. So much so, that Miyak walked away. Unfortunately, one of the girls, saw Nilak, and shouted “There, she’s the one who killed my sister!” And the Skydancers leapt to attack.

Yan quickly launched several rock bullets toward the girls, doing severe damage to two of them. He seemed excited by the thought of ending a family line, which disturbed… everyone. Nilak used waves to launch one of them off a roof, and back into the walls surrounding Omashu. Song dropped down, landing on one of the wounded girls, incapacitating her fully, and leaving her almost dead. Then he turned to try and frighten the next one. It worked and she chose to fight someone else.

Sozu leapt down nearby, and began launching fireballs toward the standing Skydancer. She missed though, and the Skydancer moved closer to attack, also missing. Oma kicked a piece of rock onto one of the massive chutes all over the city and rode it down to the lowest floor, launching it out to crash into the legs of the last standing dancer, the one knocked into the wall. Nilak pulled free her oil/water combination, and doused the Skydancer with it. The woman then tried to get away, but Sozu struck her with a fireball setting her ablaze.

With the Skydancers subdued, the Party tried to heal them, in the hopes of getting information. Suddenly, each of the girls throats split open, and they bled to death. Nilak, and Oma, were both deeply effected by this, as Nilak was healing one of the Skydancers, and Oma was keeping the one who was only wounded from escaping. The rest of the group, while disturbed, continued to feel they had no time to waste and ran to the Death Trap.

Once in the air, Oma, and Nilak both could not help but throw up, and both girls sat huddled up on top of the Death Trap as they flew on to the Southern Air Temple

Chiyoko "Aang's only student to have pulled off Airbending" - Alex
Nilak "Pakku's first female student since Katara" -Victoria
Miyak "Katara's best waterbending student" - Jill
Yan "Ex Dai Li agent, and protector of Princess Oma"- Tom
Princess Oma "Bumi's Granddaughter"- Crystal
Song "Student of the Kyoshi Island "School"- Andrew
Princess Sozu "2nd Cousin to Fire Lord Zuko" -Alice

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