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In Ancient days, the four Nations lived in harmony. Then the Fire Nation made it's war. Wiping out the Air Nomads, and subjugating the rest of the world. Everyone said the only way for peace to be restored would be by the Avatar, master of all four elements.
After a hundred years of waiting he finally did. It's been One year since the defeat of Fire Lord Ozai, and the end of the war. The old scars are healing, and peace, however fragile has begun to blossom amongst the people. But there are mysteries now, and people searching for answers. There are some who can't let go of the feelings they've had for their entire life, and there is a dark cloud on the horizon that threatens everything the Avatar and his friends worked to build.
But with so many occupied, this new danger could go unnoticed. It is time for new heroes to step up, and new stories to be told, no longer does destiny rest on the shoulders of one, instead all the nations must work together to defend the world we have created."

Previously on Avatar: - Aang showed the Party Tian Chi, the Air spirit. The bird showed a strange affection for Miyak, - Suki and Sozu got into a very heated argument on Death Trap. - The Captured Fire Society Officer told them that the Fire Society would attack. -  Sozu realized, Zeng is going to attack the Southern Air Temple, and try to kill the Avatar - It was determined it would take two airships, along with the engines of a third to get a Fire Nation battleship to fly. the group realized that three airships, and one battleship had gone missing - the Party felt that Aang should be warned immediately. - they had no time to waste and ran to the Death Trap.

Book 1: Air

Chapter 7: Before the Storm

As the Death Trap soared through the Air, headed for the Southern Air Temple, the Party sat in silence. Miyak piloted, while Song kept an eye on her. Oma, and Nilak both sat on the top deck in a fetal position. With Oma curled up around her pet Shirshu pup, and Nilak just flat out curled up. Yan, and Sozu sat with them. Dried blood sat on their clothes, and it seemed no one wanted to discuss the recent events.
Chiyoko then arrived, and askeded them on their dirty clothes, and what had happened.  Yan insisted they were painting a mural. Something Chiyoko was confused about, and didn’t entirely believe. Yan looked to Sozu to confirm his story.

Sozu: “I refuse to participate in this farce.”

Sozu headed down into the Death Trap to wash up, taking Nilak with her. This left Yan, Oma, and Chiyoko alone on the roof. After Sozu’s comments, and further questions from Chiyoko, Yan told the Airbender that they had been fighting a group of Skydancers, and their throats had been slit from a distance. Chiyoko doubted him though.

Yan: “It’s true, their throats exploded, right Oma?”

Oma (with her face buried in her Shirshu) “You’re a bad person.”
Yan: “I am a bad person.”

Yan then suggested the suspicions he had, that Airbenders were responsible for the deaths they witnessed in Omashu. Chiyoko insisted that an airbender would need a lot of training to do that, and none of them had that training. At this point, Sozu and Nilak returned, and the party briefly discussed their situation.

Before too long, they spotted the Air Temple in the distance.  Tian Chi, the air spirit flew up to the Death Trap, and flew along side them until the airship landed. At the Air Temple, they found Aang, Sokka, Katara, and Toph, ready to head out. Aang explained that they heard the Fire Society was attacking again, and was near Omashu, so they intended to go deal with it. The Party told them that the Fire Society was actually on the move. Yan and Song tried to explain, mostly managing to inform Aang that the Fire Society had welded together two airships and a battleship. Team Avatar was just a bit confused, until finally Song encouraged Sozu to do it. Sozu recapped the whole situation, that the Fire Society had stolen several airships, and in a cave near Omashu, they’d built a massive hybrid with a battleship, in order to attack the Southern Air Temple, and kill the Avatar.

Sokka asked the Party for information they may have gathered on their travels. He asked when the Fire Society would be coming, and Nilak insisted that they were already on their way. He asked how many they have, and Sozu confered with the Group and came  up with around 2,000 men, two airships, whatever they built in the caves, and some number of battleships. Toph felt the Party had been less then helpful in gaining information, and suggested perhaps she go count them and they might get an actual number.

Aang decided to go check out the Fire Society as they traveled, and if there was time to get Suki and the Kyoshi Island Warriors to help. While the Group waited for the Avatar to return, they were encouraged to come up with ways of defending the temple. 

Defensive plans were made. It was decided that the children would carry buckets of water, as fire would no doubt be everywhere. Oma suggested that they wait and put each member of the Fire Society in a box, a tactic she’d also suggested to help defend Omashu. They opted instead to have the Earth Benders work to create walls around the temple. Yan also made sure to make several paths weaker, making the climb harder. Chiyoko searched out, and found several hidden passages through out the temple, so the defenders could travel around inside, even if parts of it were sealed off.

With the defenses up, the Party goes and finds Ty Lee, to ask her about the Skydancers. Sozu asks if she has any sisters, and if they all look like her, and if so are they all in the circus. She answers yes, yes and no respectively, which calms Sozu. Then Yan explains that they’d been attacked by a group calling themselves the Skydancers, which Ty Lee explains that the Skydancers are the acrobats union. Chiyoko becomes distressed that she was unaware of the acrobats union, Ty Lee becomes upset that, as she and Chiyoko were both working at the same circus, the circus apparently hires non-union acrobats.

Yan questions why the union would make it so their members would have exploding necks, Ty Lee explicitly says they don’t, and Yan tells her things have changed since she left. Ty Lee tells him she’s still a member.  Song shows Ty Lee the belt he took from one of the Skydancers, and she informs him that it’s purpose is to hold up a pair of pants, and to hang stuff from.

With that lead turning out to be a dead end, the group returned to the process of fortifying the temple. Suddenly, in a great flutter, all of the messenger hawks were released from their tower. Sozu and Song rushed up the tower to see what was happening. Yan stayed at the base to prevent anyone from coming out.

The three of them noticed a rope tied to the large tower in the center of the temple, and a figure slide down it. Yan set off, climbing the outside of the larger tower. Chiyoko who’d finally managed to master gliding, flew up and carried Sozu over. Nilak began running up the inside, and Oma waited at the door.

Song opted to try and jump, which didn’t work out well for him. Thankfully, Oma spotted his fall, and caught him before he could hurt himself. Yan realized he could be easily bypassed, opened a hole and went inside. Inside he heard a man running down the stairs.  Yan quickly set a trap, by making it so three stairs would snap if stepped on, and headed down. Sozu from the top of the tower rushed down to meet Yan, and Nilak rushed up.

Meanwhile Chiyoko grabbed Song from his perch and flew him up to the top of the tower, he began heading down, and she waited in case someone stepped outside again.  Eventually, both Nilak and Yan met in the middle of the stairs, and cornered the saboteur, a man dressed in loose deep red clothes. He stood ready to fight until the situation seemed hopeless. Suddenly a crash from further up the stairs, indicated that Sozu had infact fallen for Yan’s trap. She came tumbling down the stairs, and Nilak had to create a wall of ice to stop her. Yan stepped out of the way and the man from the Fire Society launched himself back up the stairs.

Nilak proceeded to heal Sozu, while Yan and Song met on the stairs following the man. He ducked into a room, and ran out to a balcony. With the two members of the Party moved to stop him. It seemed like he intended to jump, until Chiyoko swooped in, and he once again surrendered.

With the party together again, they discussed what to do with the prisoner. Sozu and Chiyoko were insistent that nothing fatal be done. Yan was in favor of breaking his legs, which Oma had a comment on.

Oma: “Apparently giving people leg wounds causes them to explode.”

Oma suggested again, that he, like the rest of the Fire Society be put in a box. Finally Sozu asked him who he is and what he was doing there. He introduced himself as Tsung, an agent of the Fire Society. He strapped himself in under one of the wings of the Death Trap to follow them to the Southern Air Temple and destroy any efforts they made to defend the place. Sozu asked why he released all the messenger hawks, and he explained that it was to prevent them from sending for help, and to warn General Zeng that they knew he was coming. They asked why the Skydancers had been sent after them, and Tsung told them that the Skydancers don’t work for the Fire Society.

Chiyoko flew off, to re-capture the messenger hawks. She got a few, and brought them back to confirm Tsung’s story. She also saw smoke rising from the direction of Kyoshi Island, and returns to report it to the rest of the party.

They decide that since Aang was at Kyoshi island, they’ll wait for him to return. Oma once again suggested that Tsung be put in a small box cell that she could make, which seemed like the best idea. He was placed  the box, and the Party chose to take turns guarding him. While waiting, Sozu spook to Tsung. He told her about the Fire Society, that many of it’s members were soldiers who felt that going home now would mean trial and execution for war crimes under the new regime.  That some of them were soldiers, who know of no other way to live, some of them know that in the new Fire Nation they would have no home to go to, because resources are so scarce. Tsung tells her that he joined the Fire Society out of loyalty to his commander though.

Yan and Nilak joined the discussion. With Nilak telling Tsung that there is no justification for his actions, and Yan fixating on the notion of men committing the “war crimes” because they were told to. This lead to a debate over where ones honor as a soldier lie. With Sozu suggesting that as a soldier personal honor stems from following orders, and being loyal to your commander and your country, and Yan insisting that personal honor stems from drawing the line and upholding personal values, 

Tsung questioned what values the group was upholding, pointing out Yan claimed a desire to end a family line, and the fact that Nilak threw up when some one in front of her is killed, but she carries oil to douse opponents to make it easier to light them on fire.

Sozu says she is there because she has loyal to the Fire Lord, whom ever is the Fire Lord. She believes in what the Fire Nation stands for, and no matter the actions of the people, murdering defenseless children is not part of their ideals. Yan was simply there so he could take out as many members of the Fire Society.

Chiyoko and Song arrived, and also joined the discussion. Chiyoko asked Tsung what the smoke was from and he seemed hesitant to answer, she offered him up a suggestion.

Chiyoko: “Because you were cooperative before, and he’s sometimes not nice to people who are uncooperative.”

This stunned the whole party, as they realized that the tiny airbender just threatened a man. Tsung revealed that the Fire Society likely hit Kyoshi Island, and village of Chin to take supplies, and prevent the Kyoshi Island warriors from coming to help. The group continued their debate, before finally the roar of Appa heralded the return of the Avatar.

Aang and his friends landed, looking worse for wear, this time with Suki and the Kyoshi Island Warriors in tow.  Aang looked wounded, but rather then discuss, he stepped away from the others, almost sulking. Katara went to talk to him. Sokka and Suki related what happened while they were gone. They tell the Party that they found the Fire Society, who had indeed, built a large air battle ship. Sokka dubbed it the “Massive Super Flying Fortress Air Battleship of DOOM!” the Party seemed to prefer this to “Dreadnaught” which is what the Fire Society is apparently calling it.

The Dreadnaught along with the other two airships bombarded both the village of Chin, and Kyoshi Island. Thanks to Aang showing up, and the Kyoshi Island Warriors, most of the village on Kyoshi was saved, but the village of Chin was utterly destroyed, and many of the people there were killed.  Aang, obviously blamed himself.

The Party filled Sokka and the other members of Team Avatar in on what happened while they were gone. Realizing that they now had no real way of conveying messages to the right people, it was agreed that Toph, and the rest of the Kyoshi Island Warriors would go and collect the Earth Kingdom soldiers near Omashu, and any other military forces gathered to fight the Fire Society. Sokka also agreed to send the few messenger hawks they had to bring Water Tribe warriors.

So, the other three nations would send overwhelming reinforcements to stop the Fire Society. If all goes well the Society could be stopped here, for good. The only problem would be that Team Avatar, and the Party would have to hold off the Fire Society until the reinforcements arrived. 

With that in mind, the two groups sat down to make their plan of defense. Sokka warned them that the Dreadnaught (aka Massive Super Flying Fortress Air Battleship of DOOM!) had to be taken down, if it reaches the temple still flying there would be no way to win the fight. He suggests they take the Death Trap, and use it to punch through one of the Airships holding the Dreadnaught aloft. This will force it to go down and any surviving Fire Society will have to climb the mountain, making defense of the Temple that much easier.

During the whole discussion, Sozu was on edge. When Sokka suggested they pilot the Death Trap into the Dreadnaught, she nearly leapt at him. Several other suggestions were made as to what they could do instead of crashing the Death Trap into it, but each one she shot down.  Finally Sokka opted to leave it up to the party to work it out with her, but despite her reservations, they all realized that the Dreadnaught cannot be flying when the Fire Society attacks.

Once it’s on the ground, Aang and the others will each take a part of the temple, holding defense there. As Zeng will most likely have stronger, smaller units trying to bypass the main road. It is suggested that the Party deal with the forward attack, as Zeng will send his larger, but weaker force up that way. 

With the battle plans laid, the Party, and Team Avatar prepared for the final battle with the Fire Society.

Chiyoko "Aang's only student to have pulled off Airbending" - Alex
Nilak "Pakku's first female student since Katara" -Victoria
Miyak "Katara's best waterbending student" - Jill
Yan "Ex Dai Li agent, and protector of Princess Oma"- Tom
Princess Oma "Bumi's Granddaughter"- Crystal
Song "Student of the Kyoshi Island "School"- Andrew
Princess Sozu "2nd Cousin to Fire Lord Zuko" -Alice
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